About Music Sorb

Who we are and why we think that Music Sorb is the perfect product for controlling relative humidity in the musical wood instruments

We at John G Taylor ltd know first-hand the need for musicians to protect their valuable instruments because of our practical experience and our customers’ experience.

Music Sorb has been on the market for years giving us time to learn how to explain the science and the practical use of our products https://impotenzastop.it. Because we are a small company representing the large corporation Fuji Silysia which developed and manufactures Music Sorb, each individual in our small company has experience and knowledge to help you understand the benefits of our humidity control products. Owner Taylor Mackinnon has been tuning pianos for over 40 years and on the board of the Piano Technicians Guild for 10 years. Most importantly, Taylor has over 12 years’ experience introducing and installing Music Sorb in pianos and string instrument cases.

We like personal contact with our customers as with each communication we learn what customers want to know and how we can improve our information. Our products seem simple in their form, but are advanced enough that it takes a bit of study on our part and the customer’s to understand how something so seemingly simple could possibly work so well.

We are very concerned that our products are well received and understood, and, thus, we appreciate our contact with customers and try to respond as soon and as well as we can. We expect soon to open a sales office in the EU and will announce when it is ready.

We always welcome questions and comments and try to respond quickly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Story behind Music Sorb

The Science behind Music Sorb

Music Sorb Humidity Control Products

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