Why Music Sorb is Different from a Common Wood Instrument Humidifier

What are the main differences between Music Sorb and a common wood instrument humidifier

There are many products that can be defined wood instrument humidifier, but do they really control relative humidity range? Why should you let our product take care of the extension of your talent?


Install it in your piano or place it into your music case and forget it for a year.  (We will remind you when the year has ended.)


Music Sorb reduces the humidity fluctuation range no matter where you are from humidity or dryness, indoors and outdoors. When there is too much humidity, Music Sorb reduces the moisture; when the atmosphere is too dry, Music Sorb release moisture (water vapor)…reducing stresses and deformation that these humidity variations would put on your wooden instrument.


With no wire attachments or other complications and with no need to carry refills or chemicals, you can travel anywhere, any time.


Music Sorb will never release any chemical substance except water vapor. It is insoluble and will not hurt your health, your skin, or your instrument even directly touching it.

Low Cost

Music Sorb lasts for a year.  It uses no electricity.  It needs no additional chemicals.  It saves on re-tuning costs.


Music Sorb uses no heat or chemicals.  It is all natural…so natural that you can, at the end of the year of use, mix the contents in your garden to become part of the earth.

I have tested Music Sorb in real and varying circumstances for over 8 years. It is quite simply effective at reducing re-tuning and maintaining pianos at the optimal relative humidity level. As a piano tuner, I recommend it to all of my customers.

Taylor Mackinnon

Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild, Concord Piano Service

I purchased Music Sorb from you in September 2013, and installed it (takes at best five seconds!) in my 1877 Steinway concert grand piano, as recommended by Mario Igrec, author of Pianos Inside Out, who is my technician, and who restored my instrument about 25 years ago. As most persons know, this winter has been very severe in the South (I live in south Louisiana).
In my opinion, Music Sorb has definitely helped maintain the tuning of my instrument, and I would recommend it to anyone with a piano who cares about protecting the long-term value of the instrument.

Dr. David Culbert

Professor, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

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Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Music Sorb

  • Highly pure, porous, amorphous silicon dioxide: (SiO2)
  • Large internal surface area
  • Chemically inert and insoluble exception in Hydrogen fluoride and in the presence of strong bases
  • Non-deliquescence, Non-corrosive, water insoluble.
  • Appears and feels dry even when saturated with water
  • Electricity free
  • Easy to install
  • No excessive humidification, preventing the mold
  • No maintenance or refilling
  • Environment friendly
  • Long lasting effect
  • Maintains tuning longer

Learn about the Science Behind Music Sorb

I’ve been using MusicSorb for many years now for my customers and have been pleased with the results. I service the biggest church in our city and we use MusicSorb on all their pianos. Here are the advantages of the product:

  1. No need to keep some device plugged in. These pianos are moved around a lot and it’s impossible to keep them plugged in.
  2. No need to water the piano. They have enough to do without remembering to water the piano!
  3. Easy to service. Just replace the bags!

I see pianos ALL THE TIME that have an expensive humidity control device on it that is either unplugged or just not being used at all. MusicSorb is there working all the time whether you are or not!

Scott M. Kerns

Professional Tuner, That Tuning Guy - Lincoln NE

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