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  • Free Shipping
  • No fixed costs or subscription required
  • Reseller Discounts

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 Dealer benefits and support:

  1. No contract.
  2. No minimum sales.
  3. The dealer buys supply of Music Sorb products (minimum requirements one whole carton).
  • Free shipping.
  • Reseller discounts.
  • The dealer gets national marketing support as we pull product through his system as instrument owners become aware of Music Sorb.
  • We offer promotional videos with the dealer tagline and instructions on how to promote the video.
  • Printed or download product information for clients.
  • We do not market via We want close ties with qualified dealers.


We will never take away a customer. Anyway, why would anyone order from us if they can get free and immediate delivery from you at the same price?

You increase customer satisfaction by delivering an effective product.

Tip: Increase the benefit to the customer: If you have a store, the store should offer a small tie-in discount on some other service or product.

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