Guitar Storage Cabinets Humidifier to Protect your Guitar Collection.

Never just hang your guitar on the wall for display. Use a humidity-controlled guitar storage cabinet or display cabinet.

As an experienced guitarist, you probably know this from before or if you think about it, since your guitar will swell, crack, and change structure from humidity variations. How do you solve the problem?

If you look up “guitar storage cabinets” or “guitar display cases” on the Internet, you will find both finished storage cabinets and display cases and instructions on how to build your own cabinet.

Either way, you have only part of the solution. The other part is to control the humidity.

You will notice that some people suggest placing a wet sponge in the display case or building in a water container. That works about as well as using a paper bag for a mouse trap.

You need an effective humidity control system, not just a guitar storage cabinets humidifier, i.e. not too much humidity and not too little. In fact, whatever the room humidity, you need to keep your instrument between 40% and 60% RH (Relative Humidity). And you need something that you can rely on .

Music Sorb® solves the humidity control problem with ease.

Music Sorb® was developed as a related product to a humidity control product for artworks that require a specific humidity range. Fuji Silysia developed Art Sorb® (dedicated to preserve fine art of different materials such as Japanese water color on paper).

To maintain the perfect humidity range for your guitars, Music Sorb® is designed and can be dimensioned perfectly for your guitar storage cabinet or guitar display case.

  1. It maintains 40% to 60% RH in the cabinet or case.
  2. It does not spill or leak to damage your cabinet.
  3. It is literally maintenance-free once it is installed.
  4. Depending on the humidity extremes in your house, it can last for years.

Choose the right amount of Music Sorb® for your guitar storage cabinet size.

How do you order Music Sorb® for your guitar cabinet or case?

On the market you will find many different variations and sizes of cabinets, based on the number of guitars you have to store, or you can even have a custom-made one. To create a perfect humidity-controlled environment for your instruments, we offer two different products.

I wanted to let you know about my experience with your product. Since I installed Music Sorb, the relative humidity here in Albuquerque has fluctuated generally from single digits to the high 40s, usually in the lower parts of that range. The product has kept the guitar cabinet pretty consistently from the high 30s to the mid-40s.

We had a nice rain yesterday and as I write this, outdoors is at 55%, indoors is at 35% and the cabinet is at 45%.
At any rate, the cabinet is cool and controlled.

Thanks for your earlier recommendation.

I am very happy with the result.

John Ramos

Albuquerque NM

Contact us if your cabinet is not in the size range we indicate for our Cabinet Conditioner Sets.

Please fill out the form and send us the measurement of your cabinet, so that we can calculate and recommend the proper amount of Music Sorb® .

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