The Music Sorb Cello Pack


Pack The Cello Pack outer cover is re-sealable (Ziploc style) so you may choose, in stable humidity climates, to use fewer packets in your cello case and then seal the rest in the pack and use the remaining a year later. For geographically dry climate areas we recommend that you read our section on preconditioning. Follow our indication or contact us for any clarification.
Take a bit of time to maintain your musical instrument. 


The Music Sorb Cello Pack contains six 30-gram units for your cello or bass (a total of 180 grams or 0.4 lbs).

The Cello Pack outer cover is re-sealable (Ziploc style) so you may, for example, use fewer packets in your instrument case in less extreme humidity conditions and then seal the rest in the pack and use the remaining units a year later.

Normally, you will use the whole Music Sorb Cello Pack to protect your cello or bass and become less dependent on guessing your surrounding humidity extremes.  In dry geographic areas, we strongly suggest that you read about preconditioning the units.

We will send a reminder note to you at the end of the year to reorder on time.

Read more about the simplicity of the Music Sorb Humidity Control ability to protect your cello or bass, buffering the RH fluctuations in all the wood string instruments.

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Additional information

Weight0.762 lbs
Dimensions8.5625 × 5.3125 × 1.5625 in

Environment friendly, highly pure, porous, amorphous silicon dioxide: (SiO2)

Other Characteristics

Chemically inert and water insoluble. Non-deliquescence, Non-corrosive. Appears and feels dry even when saturated with water, because of its large internal surface area. No excessive humidification, preventing the mold.

Label Information

Instructions: Do not open this bag until you are ready to place the Music Sorb units into your instrument case. Place the recommended number of units any convenient place in your instrument case. Keep the instrument case closed as much as is practical in order to maintain the correct humidity range. Music Sorb should last at least a year. It will not harm your instrument in any way. See MusicSorbOnLine conditioning instructions before and after installation in severely dry climates.
WARNING: Never try to open any of the 30-gram units contained in this bag. Do not eat, or feed the contents to your pet. Why? Not because it is poisonous, but because the adsorbsion is so powerful, it could cause harm. But you might want to put the contents in your garden after a year as Music Sorb is completely natural. For more information about how Music Sorb works and the difference between absorption and adsorbsion, see Questions? Write to us at Music Sorb is not a desiccant. Music Sorb is a product of Fuji Silysia, Japan.


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