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How Humidity Affects Your Guitar

High humidity is bad for your guitar. Low humidity can be worse for your guitar. Humidity swings are like beating your guitar against a tree. You know that low humidity dries out the wood and can cause cracks almost anywhere in the guitar structure. High humidity causes the wood to swell, warping and pushing the minute pieces that structure your instrument out of place. Humidity swings makes your guitar scream in pain (or worse).

Stop the Pain

Music Sorb protects against low humidity and Music Sorb protects against high humidity. Importantly Music Sorb helps protect against humidity swings. Place Music Sorb in your (preferably hard) instrument case, keep the lids closed as much as possible, keep your guitar in the case when not in use. Music Sorb will buffer (like a car’s shock absorbers) against humidity swings and maintain a relative humidity of 40% to 60% in your instrument case.

Be Responsible

Would you hesitate to give a very expensive guitar to a teenager? He can promise to take care of it with all his heart, but will he remember to not leave it in the back seat of the car in the summer heat? Personally, we know of one very responsible teenager who left his guitar just once in the car during the summer. The guitar, an heirloom, was destroyed. We say it this way because you need to be grown up about maintaining your instrument in every way…including temperature extremes since temperature extremes affect humidity.

Extra Insurance

Yes, if you want extra protection from humidity swings or you don’t have a hard case for your guitar, it does no harm to add more Music Sorb units into your instrument case. Music Sorb will not leak water nor emit any harmful chemicals as it is all natural. Read our 4 Tips and Tricks to Save Your Guitar

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