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Music Sorb has units specifically for stringed instruments.  The advantages are several compared to anything else you can find on the market to protect the wood in your instrument from drying out or getting too damp.  The two most important reasons are:

  1. Simplicity: Place a few small units into your instrument case and forget about them.  Music Sorb will take care of your instrument.
  2. Economical: Keep your instrument case closed as much as reasonably possible and Music Sorb will last at least a year.  (We will remind you when a year has passed.)
Steam up Music Sorb

Steam up Music Sorb

The questions about preconditioning are essentially the same as with the piano, i.e. go take a shower.  Take a read of the FAQ concerning “Music Sorb is not increasing the humidity in my piano….”

For more details read Why Music Sorb is Different

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