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Music Sorb for Strings is delivered for practical shipping purposes holding 30% humidity. It is formulated perfectly to maintain humidity in a closed area between 40% and 60%. So once you open the package, it immediately begins to adsorb humidity from the air to try to reach 50% humidity.

You Live in a Dry Area

So if you live in such a dry area that the humidity indoors where you open the package is below 50%, then you may need to precondition the units. You have several choices of methods for preconditioning, but the idea is to give Music Sorb the ambiance it needs to adjust itself. It is paramount that you do not put Music Sorb directly into water in any way, such as under the faucet or shower, into a cup or glass of water, or even a water puddle. Music Sorb will become ruined.

Preconditioning Methods in No Special Order

The Shower Method

shower If you open the sealed guitar, violin or cello pack and place the units on a shelf in the bathroom while taking a hot shower, the units will adjust

The Tea Kettle Method

tea-kettle Boil water in a tea kettle and leave the Music Sorb unit in the area for a few minutes. Careful not to let the water pool on the kitchen counter as this is too much water for Music Sorb.

The Humidifier Method

steam If you have a humidifier in the house, open the sealed guitar pack in the area and leave for a few hours. Humidifiers are different, so use your judgment. Don’t let the humidifier spew water directly on the Music Sorb units.

Water Weighs Something

It is not necessary to control results since Music Sorb will adjust itself, but if you are picky and if you have a precise scale, such as a kitchen scale for weighing food ingredients, you can weigh a Music Sorb unit before conditioning it and then weigh it again after trying one of the processes above to see if it seems to be slightly heavier. Music Sorb will not feel wet, which is important for you to know, since you do not want your guitar to get the slightest bit wet. (We have even seen instructions to wipe the sweat off guitars after you have played.) If you have a hygrometer and it is showing that Music Sorb does not seem to humidify your instrument, you really need to run a test on the hygrometer.  It is easy.

Important Warning: Blink! Blink! Blink!

Do not put Music Sorb under running water or in water as it will destruct.  Just let it activate or condition itself while you have some extra dampness in the air so that it can balance out the humidity in your piano or instrument case.  

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