Category: General Questions about Music Sorb

Music Sorb humidity control system is not a desiccant that absorbs moisture. Music Sorb is constructed to adsorb and desorb moisture at specific levels to maintain the right humidity range (RH 40% – 60%) for wooden instruments. Music Sorb looks like a simple desiccant products that absorb moisture, but it is not. Unlike a typical desiccant, Music Sorb technology allows the release of contained moisture, once the relative humidity (RH) drops below the 40% range. On the other end if RH raise Music Sorb does not allow the moisture to be more then 60%.  More, the buffering action performed by our products is constantly protecting the wooden structure of your musical instruments from stress due to sudden relative humidity changes. An appropriate amount of Music Sorb in your musical instrument case or piano can thus help provide the correct humidity amount to keep your instrument in tune and protected. See our tests results on Music Sorb Application. The capacity to adsorb and desorb is best explained in The Science Behind Music Sorb.

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