Category: Pianos Questions and How to Use Music Sorb to Control RH

Actually, it makes no difference which you use, pouches or cassettes, for maintaining your piano as far as effect. And both are simple to install. The difference between the cassettes and the pouches is simply packaging. The cassettes are the card boxes with windows that are covered with a non-woven cloth similar to a surgical mask. The windows allow the product to work. The pouches are the same product, the same amount, but these are simply a non-woven cloth material, again, like a surgical mask. We find that the cassettes fit nicely into a vertical piano, while the pouches are often used in grand pianos. But both work in either type of piano. Because Music Sorb might be visible from certain angles when the grand piano is open, we offer discreet, attractive cloth bags in which Music Sorb can be placed. These same bags may be used with any variation of Music Sorb (i.e. piano pouches, piano cassettes, stringed-instrument pouches) and are offered free of charge with each new order.

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