Category: Pianos Questions and How to Use Music Sorb to Control RH

We do not feel Dampp-Chaser is really competition, but Grand PianoMusic Sorb definitely has its place in all pianos without Dampp-Chaser, but even as an adjunct to Dampp-Chaser.  Our tests have shown that it fills in where Dampp-Chaser fails by flattening out the terrible humidity swings. No Heat We think it only proper to point out that we call Music Sorb the “gentle humidifier” as it requires no heat. Moving or storing your piano?  Music Sorb goes right on working even during moving or storage. Forgetting to fill the water tanks? What Music Sorb will do is extend the protection when Dampp-Chaser runs dry, and will recharge when the piano owner does remember to refill the tank. Electricity Gone? When the electricity goes or is turned off or unplugged, Music Sorb goes right on maintaining the right humidity range. Actually, Music Sorb will quite simply benefit the Damp Chaser and the piano, obviously.

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