2-Cassettes Set for Pianos

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We are discontinuing Piano Cassettes. You can replace cassettes with Piano pouches that have the same amount of product and the same effectiveness.

Piano Cassettes for Vertical Piano. This is a set of 2 cassettes to be placed behind the knee board in the vertical piano allowing the vital area of the action and sound board to be maintained at the right 50% relative humidity, Our pouches will fit equally well behind the knee board in a vertical piano.
Take a bit of that time to maintain your musical instrument. 

Out of stock

Music Sorb for Vertical Piano cassettes production has been discontinued by Fuji Sylisia. They will not be available for restock on Music Sorb online shop, but you can definitely order here our pouches that will fit equally well behind the knee board in a vertical piano…out of sight; out of mind.

Note: Both the “pouches” and “cassettes” are the same amount of product and have the same effectiveness; they are simply different packaging designs.


Additional information

Weight5.478 lbs
Dimensions13 × 9.134 × 2.047 in

Environment friendly, highly pure, porous, amorphous silicon dioxide: (SiO2)

Other Characteristics

Chemically inert and water insoluble. Non-deliquescence, Non-corrosive. Appears and feels dry even when saturated with water, because of its large internal surface area. No excessive humidification, preventing the mold.

4 reviews for 2-Cassettes Set for Pianos

  1. D. Reed

    [When we experienced the worst power outage in US history]… the temperature was in the high 80s and the humidity was 83%. The two pianos I have Music Sorb in are studios, a Yamaha U1 and a [new] Hallet, Davis & Co 48 inch. They are still in tune and did not move in pitch. We are now down to about 50% humidity. Now remember without power all [the heat and water systems] are useless and many of those pianos went out of tune. I am sure I’ll be getting calls on Monday to re-tune those pianos.
    A Detroit area piano technician

  2. Sebastian

    I have a vertical piano and thanks to Music Sorb winter low humidity is no more affecting my piano tune! Thank you!

  3. “That Tuning Guy” Scott Kerns

    I’ve been using MusicSorb for many years now for my customers and have been pleased with the results. I service the biggest church in our city and we use MusicSorb on all their pianos. Here are the advantages of the product: 1. No need to keep some device plugged in. These pianos are moved around a lot and it’s impossible to keep them plugged in. 2. No need to water the piano. They have enough to do without remembering to water the piano! 3. Easy to service. Just replace the bags!

    I see pianos ALL THE TIME that have an expensive humidity control device on it that is either unplugged or just not being used at all. MusicSorb is there working all the time whether you are or not!

  4. John Ramos (verified owner)

    I wanted to let you know about my experience with your product. Since I installed Music Sorb, the relative humidity here in Albuquerque has fluctuated generally from single digits to the high 40s, usually in the lower parts of that range. The product has kept the guitar cabinet pretty consistently from the high 30s to the mid-40s. We had a nice rain yesterday and as I write this, outdoors is at 55%, indoors is at 35% and the cabinet is at 45%.
    At any rate, the cabinet is cool and controlled. Thanks for your earlier recommendation. I am very happy with the result.
    John Ramos
    Albuquerque NM

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