By Taylor Mackinnon

Music Sorb


2 Piano Pouches by Music Sorb in upright piano

This is where Music Sorb comes into the picture.  Music Sorb absorbs and releases moisture as the humidity changes.  It acts like a shock absorber to the humidity fluctuations.  Music Sorb is based on synthetic silica gel with a simple chemical switch which changes it from adsorbing to desorbing.  So, with Music Sorb in the piano, acting as an adsorber/desorber of moisture, there are less extremes, less flexibility, and the instrument is less subject to expansion/contraction and the piano stays more stable.

This means the tuning will be more stable and more enjoyable for a longer period of time.

If you have any question check our FAQ page or feel free to ask us a question

Taylor Mackinnon has over 12 years of experience selling, installing, and answering inquiries about Music Sorb.

Taylor has been tuning pianos for 40 years and has been on the national board of the Piano Technician Guild for 10 years.

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