What Makes Music Sorb Special for My Guitar?

  How Humidity Affects Your Guitar High humidity is bad for your guitar. Low humidity can be worse for your guitar. Humidity swings are like beating your guitar against a tree. You know that low humidity dries out the wood and can cause cracks almost anywhere in...

Does my guitar need to be humidified?

  The number one cause of all instrument damage is the wood drying out, the top of a guitar can drop by as much as an eighth of an inch as it dries out. And this is just one example. Luthiers see this more than any other necessary repairs. Read more about it in...

How do I use Music Sorb?

  How to use Music Sorb We hate to tell you how simple it is to use Music Sorb since the product is not simple. But the laboratories at Fuji Silysia looked for a maintenance-free humidity control system for art work, building material, and wood instruments. Quite...

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