How do you ship Music Sorb?

  Basically, we ship Music Sorb via US Post Office Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes as they are the least expensive while still giving us a possibility to track the order to your door. If you want them faster, you can choose UPS on the drop down menu in the shopping...

Why are there not more questions in FAQ?

  Music Sorb is so elegantly simple that few questions arise. But we encourage you to ask us about Music Sorb and its effectiveness on your instrument in your specific situation.  
What is Music Sorb made of?

What is Music Sorb made of?

  Music Sorb is literally reconstructed sand (silica) so that it can adsorb and desorb within the correct specific humidity range for wood instruments. Music Sorb is all natural. Other versions of Music Sorb, under a different brand name, have other specific...

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