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Know more about offering Music Sorb to your clients.

Why should you take part in our program?

  • Music Sorb is a great value-add during piano servicing
  • Free shipping
  • Reseller discounts
  • National marketing support as instrument owners become aware of Music Sorb
  • No minimum sales requirement
  • No monthly or annual subscription fee

How to become a dealer

 We wanted to make it easy. Becoming a dealer may be the easiest thing you have ever done.

Please contact us and we will send our special offer for you. (We will not sell or give your information to anyone else.)

The response to Music Sorb has been overwhelmingly positive. You can see what we’re about browsing our website (www.musicsorbonline.com) which contains answers to most of the questions we have seen or heard. We would especially point out the information about the structural science and how Music Sorb manages to work effectively by visiting these two links: The Story behind Music Sorb The Science behind Music Sorb

We want to build a strong relationship with you

We would like to build a strong relationship with our dealers. One thing we have no plans to ever do is sell Music Sorb on Amazon or other discount site. (And it is a breach of our dealer terms if someone should try to do it.) As long as we are building a national network of dealers, we need to be able to offer Music Sorb directly. Because Music Sorb is the model of elegant simplicity, we can sell to the end user, the piano owner, and they can install it themselves.

But the client wants you

Better yet, clients can buy Music Sorb from you with the advantage of no delivery cost, you can place it in the piano, and you can make a profit. Music Sorb had to be priced more realistically, as you’ll notice on the website. It covers the need for more marketing and promotion to make people more aware of Music Sorb. But importantly, it lets us give you the opportunity to offer Music Sorb. If you would like to represent Music Sorb to your clients, we would like to offer you free shipping. Additionally, if you want to be able to store a few installations to have them handy, we offer discounts. We do not require any exclusive contract [requiring you to suggest a product which may not be appropriate].

Support for You

We have created some videos which are being promoted nationally to raise brand awareness. You will find them here: http://bit.ly/1i1cQ6e

Once you have registered and placed your order, we will present promotional material options which includes the following:

  • Personalizing the Music Sorb videos with your contact information and instructions on how to promote your business with videos.
  • Handout and/or download information for your clients from you.
  •  As we have said, ultimately, the pianos you service will be in better condition each time you go to tune, the conditions inside the piano will be more stable, and your clients will be happier with you and the service you are doing for them. We think this will make everyone happy, and we look forward to working with you. Call, write, or send a carrier pigeon if you need information.

The Music Sorb Team

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