The Piano That Beat Cancer.  So Why Do You Play?

The Piano That Beat Cancer. So Why Do You Play?

A piano saved Phyllis Giberson’s life. Not really, but that’s the impression you might get from reading this story at the Lexington Herald-Leader. Aged 62 and suffering from stage 4 ovarian cancer, Giberson was making preparations for her last days. Her partner,...
Your Instrument Has Multiple Personalities

Your Instrument Has Multiple Personalities

By John G Taylor Ehud Banai is a veteran Israeli singer best known for performing Hebrew rock. His songs show the influence of reggae, of Arab melodies and of classic rock, complete with long guitar solos—which end with a reply on the darbouka. With such a range of...

Play Your Piano, It’s Yours

by John G Taylor It can be easy, sometimes, to take your instrument for granted. Whether you inherited it or bought it, eventually your piano, your violin, or your cello can become part of the furniture. That corner of the living room is no more than the bit of the...
Death by Piano

Death by Piano

By John G Taylor The premise of “Grand Piano,” a new film from “Speed” director Brian De Palma, is enough to give any musician sweaty palms. Tom Selznick, played by Elijah Wood, is a concert pianist (“the new Rachmaninov” according to the trailer) who suffers from...

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